No visual changes today. Yesterday I spent some time researching Google Firestore as a possible backend data store. It should suit my needs but it’s a different paradigm than I’m used to. I also need to look into importing data because I will need to load a lot of vocab into the database to get started.

Today I setup Webpack and Babel so I could get the most out of ES6 features. I am interested in modules because I need to think about how I’m structuring my code. I want to break things up before it gets more complicated. I don’t really know much about Webpack or Babel, but I was able to use a sample Phaser 3 setup as a guide.

I also setup eslint so I can start focusing on my code quality.

I need to look into other modern js features. I’m behind in my knowledge so there are probably a lot of useful things that I’m not even aware of.