I’ve been focused lately on adding more content to the game. I’ve spent a lot of time sorting and curating vocab lists into categorized stages. The game starts with simple, common words in the early lessons, and builds up to more difficult, less common words in the later lessons. The early lessons also have fewer words, typically 3 stages of 10 words, for 30 per lesson. I want the players to feel like they’re making progress and opening up the map early on, before they’re hammered with long lessons full of uncommon nouns. The later lessons have 100 vocab words each, so it will take players a while to get through those.

Full Map

As it stands the game contains 45 lessons compromised of 209 individual stages, for a total of 2,167 vocab words to learn. Not a bad start!

One issue that I’m encountering, and will probably have to address eventually, is that the game does not give enough context around these words. There are no definitions or example sentences, and in some cases it’s unclear what part of speech the words are. There are subtle differences between some words that is lost here. And for homonyms it can be unclear which word is actually being learned.

Eventually I would like to expand on the language content so the player understands exactly what words they are learning.